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How To Legally "Steal" Thousands  Of Visitors From Other People's Websites, And Send Them To Yours Instead, for FREE

From: Sheila Scofield
When: Tuesday, 1:10PM

Dear Internet Marketer,

Want more high-quality visitors to come to your web site?

What if you could actually just steal visitors away from other people's high-traffic websites, and just direct them to your website instead?

It almost sounds illegal or unethical, right?

Well, the truth of the matter is, the owners of those high-traffic websites want you to do it, and they want you to do it for FREE.

This little ingenius idea I had last week actually has them begging to do it.

If that sounds almost too good to be true, then you are going to be even more blown away when you try ExitExplosion.com with your own site.

"ExitExplosion.com is a Turbocharged Traffic Exchange With a Clever Twist"

So let me get this straight one more time before I continue, so we're on the same page.

ExitExplosion.com is a FREE, and 100% legal website, which will actually take traffic away from other websites and send it to your website instead.

But why would people just let you do that? Why would any webmaster in their right mind decide to give up their traffic and send it to you instead?

Well, the answer is quite clever, and when you hear it, I think you'll see why it works so well.

Not too long ago, I invented the "Exit Grabber," a unique new marketing technology which anyone can install on their website. Once it's installed, it will sit there and use an intelligent algorithm to actually predict when people are about to leave that site.

It's remarkably accurate, and has been shown in testing to work as close to perfectly as any web technology can.

So, I thought to myself, what if people installed "Exit Grabbers" on their websites to detect when their visitors had already decided to leave...and then sent that traffic to someone else who needed it

It wouldn't hurt the original site at all, because those visitors had already decided to leave. And the site receiving all the traffic would benefit IMMENSELY.

Talk about a discovery that really gets your heart pumping.

What does it look like?

Want to see an Exit Grabber in action?

HINT: It's not a popup, and it cannot be blocked by popup blockers.

Go ahead, move your mouse up to the "back" button, or try to enter a new URL into your browser right now to leave this site.

You'll see exactly the type of window which you'll put your ad in, and have it displayed on thousands of other high-traffic sites.

And, yes, before you ask, the free e-course we're giving away in this "demo" Exit Grabber is real, and you should probably sign up for it while we still have it up there.

"But why would all these sites want to send their traffic to YOU?"

The real question is, though, why would these sites want to send the traffic to YOU?

After all, it makes perfect sense that these websites would want to capture the people leaving their sites and send it somewhere, but why to you?

Well, here's why....

You're going to do something for them, too.

You are going to install some similar code on your website (it only takes a few seconds), so that when people leave your website, it sends them to their site, too!

This is the core idea behind what's known as a "traffic exchange." You send some visitors to their site, and they'll send some to yours.

The twist here is that it's all done using the "Exit Grabber" technology, so that you get to capture the people who have already decided to leave your site, at no risk to you, and send them somewhere else, and in turn, you'll get an explosion of traffic to your site.

"A Small Mathematical Trick That Will Multiply Your Traffic Exponentially..."

Now, the way I've explained everything so far would be really powerful if you already had a website getting a million visitors a day, right?

Because then you could swap with another huge website, and you'd both double your visitors, so now you're both getting two million visitors per day.

But what if you aren't that big yet?

Well, I've designed ExitExplosion.com with that in mind, and in fact, with this little mathematical "trick," I've found a way to multiply everyone's traffic exponentially, even if your website doesn't get very many hits yet.

Here's how it works...

Instead of just trading the people who leave your website for traffic directly, when you put our simple little ExitExplosion.com code on your web page, you will earn advertising credits.

Then, these credits will automatically be spent displaying an advertisement for your site or message of your choice to people who leave other people's sites.

For every one credit you have, a link for your site will be presented to someone who is leaving someone else's site!

But the key here is, this is not the only way you can get credits. You can also get credits by bringing people into ExitExplosion.com "under you."

When you sign up, you'll immediately be given a special link you can use to sign people up "under you."

Once they're under you, you will actually earn credits for every visitor who visits their site, too!

So, if you bring in a few people who have sites that get traffic, you'll start earning credits from that immediately, and the more visitors they get, the more visitors you'll get too.

And, in fact, when they bring in people under them, since those people are still technically "under you," you'll earn credits on that too!

This process continues 10 levels deep, and multiplies exponentially with each level.

Of course, we take care of calculating all the math behind this. But, here's just a simple example of how many credits you'll earn, if you only brought in three people, and then those three people brought in three people, and that process continued for all 10 levels.

(Also, let's suppose each site gets on average 100 visitors per day, which is very conservative.)

Levels Below You# of Credits Earned
Level 110
Level 230
Level 390
Level 4270
Level 5810
Level 62430
Level 77290
Level 821870
Level 965610
Level 10196830
Grand Total:295240

As you can see, things can really "snowball" fast when you start bringing in people under you. In this example scenario, 295,240 people per day would be shown an advertisement to visit your site when they were leaving other people's sites.

The power of exponential math is pretty amazing, don't you think?

And of course, even if you only got a small fraction of this, it would stil make a huge impact on your business.

"Exactly How ExitExplosion.com Will Cause An EXPLOSION Of Visitors To Your Site"

Step 1: Sign Up For A Free Account (time: 20 seconds)

It takes only a few seconds to sign up for a free account with us (at the bottom of this page), and you'll be all ready to start bringing traffic to your site immediately.

Step 2: Put The "ExitExplosion" code on your web site (time: 3 minutes)

Right after you sign up, we'll immediately give you a little block of some specially customized code that you can just "copy and paste" right on to your website.

For every page you put the code on, you'll begin earning credits when anyone leaves that page.

This won't affect your web site at all in a negative way, since the code is based on "Exit Grabber" technology, which will only display anything when people are already going to leave your page.

Step 3: Bring in as many people as you can "under you" (time: up to you)

Next, you'll want to bring in as many people as you can "under you" so you can start earning credits when people leave their sites too.

The more you bring in here, the better, of course. If you just bring in 3 of your friends, you're already in for a viral avalanche, because they'll bring in their friends too.

Of course, if you have an email list, you should certainly mail out about this, since that can really result in a huge explosion of traffic to your site.

We provide you with all the marketing tools you need, including emails to send, etc., of course.

Step 4: Sit back, relax, and watch the traffic roll in... (time: immediately)

The beauty of this system is it's "passive." As long as visitors are coming to your website, you'll be earning credits.

And those credits will automatically start being spent bringing other people to your website, instantly.

So, you'll enjoy a new, fresh, and constant stream of traffic to your site.

And, it will grow virally too, all by itself, since you'll bring everyone you can in "under you," and they'll do the same, for 10 levels. And you'll be earning credits on all of that.

"Sign Up Now For FREE And Create An Explosion Of Traffic To Your Site In Minutes"

Signing up free, quick, and easy, since our system takes care of all the hard parts.

All you have to do is follow our quick and easy, step-by-step instructions, and we'll take care of the rest, and bring you your traffic.

Why am I offering such a powerful service for free? It's simple really. I want to build the biggest traffic exchange system out there, and I know that by making it free to use it will grow the fastest.

Of course, if it doesn't work out for you, you can take the ExitExplosion.com code off your site in just seconds and it will be like nothing ever happened.

But I bet once you sign up and start seeing the results, you won't ever want to take it off...

Just fill out the form below right now to begin our free and simple, 60-second signup process...

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How much traffic do all of your websites combined get each day?

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